Your equipment:

  • Dress for a similar climate to the Alps
    The helicopters are heated and you can store some equipment inside.
    We recommend multi layer clothing and spare gloves and goggles. Due to high winds the wind-chill factor
    is often an important consideration, and we recommend extra protection for your face and the use of a helmet.
  • The skis
    (possibly equipped with a ski touring bindings and skins) should be selected for big turns on untracked slopes
    with varied snow conditions, from powder to crust and icy slope entrances (due to steam from active volcanoes).
  • Your ability
    Your should be comfortable with varied snow conditions, have good control in difficult snow conditions and have a good level of fitness since most of the runs are between 1000 to 2000 vertical meters in length.

Your ski clothing should keep you comfortable between minus 15degrees Celsius and plus five degrees Celsius. Footwear suitable for slushy conditions and araincoat are useful for excursions onno-fly days. Ski boots and snowboards are not available atto hire. Inaddition toyour ski clothes werecommend:

  • waterproof boots orshoes
  • waterproof jacket
  • thermal underwear, warm clothes and sweaters
  • gloves, warm socks, scarf orneck gaiters
  • sunglasses and goggles, warm cap orhat

Practical info
Don't forget!
  • mask
  • sunglasses
  • sun protect-cream
  • city (casual) shoes
  • swimming suite
We provide
  • ABS bag with shovel & probe
  • avalanche transceiver
  • ski-touring skis with skins
  • snowshoes
There is a skiroom on our base. The ski technician will help you with nessesary equipment repairment and maintanance.