Kamchatka is a unique helli-skiing territory. The skiing area is almost boundless, and with so much opportunity to ski, it is difficult to count the number of runs. Kamchatkas range of mountains and volcanoes stretch for over 800km from the Island of Paramushir in the South to the volcanoes of Shiveluch and Alney in the North.

However, the actual place for skiing is situated within a 150km radius of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatkiy and can be divided into several areas that are located to the north or south of our base. The heli-skiing territory of Kamchatka is about 45000 sq km, which is the equivalent in size to Switzerland.

Southern sector

Vilyuchinski Volcanois just a 7 minute flight from our base. The volcano is so perfectly formed it is possible to ski along the entire perimeter of the mountain. The runs can be ideally adapted to suit the snow conditions and the time of day. The maximum possible vertical drop is 2100m. Numerous slopes in adjacent fiords (which offer up to 700m of vertical drop) mean you can ski right to the coast, providing fantastic skiing with magnificent views.

Mutnovski Volcanois a 15 minute heli flight from our base. The Mutnovski volcano offers a unique opportunity to heli-ski right into the crater of an active volcano. On your way into the volcano, youll pass a glacier, an acid lake, and numerous geysers and steam vents. An experience not to be missed.

Goreliy Volcano, Asacha Volcano, Khodutka Volcanoare within 15 to 25 minutes from the base. This area is like a real safari park and although none of these three volcanoes offer particularly steep or long slopes, youll fly over the spectacular Goreliy volcano with its spectacular crater lake, meet bears on the slopes of the Asacha Volcano, and finish the days program by swimming in the thermal Khodutak river.

  • you will fly over the Goreliy Volcano with the lake in its crater
  • on the slopes of the Asacha Volcano you will most certainly meet bears on every run
  • finally, you will finish the days program with swimming in a thermal Khodutka river.

Northward sector

Koryakski Volcano, Avachinski Volcano, Kozelski Volcano, Aag Volcano, Arik Volcano

This group of volcanoes are known as the homely volcanoes due to their close proximity to the skiing lodge they are all within a 15 minute flight. These volcanoes offer the largest area for skiing and depending upon the snow and weather conditions, as well as your groups ability, youll be able to ride on the slopes of one, several or all of the volcanoes in this group. The maximum vertical drop is almost 3000m and the variety of terrain is immense. Just to make things a little more interesting, Avachinski and Kroyakski are both active volcanoes.

Zhupanovski Volcano.At 30 minutes from base, the Zhupanovski Volcano is one of the furthest ski areas, but the extra distance is definitely worth it. Here three volcanoes, joined together, form a large mountain offering various types of relief and vertical drops of over 2000m. This area is also one of the best places to find fresh powder.

Bakening Volcano.GanalskiyeOstryakiMountainRange.This area is a perfect mix of classic mountain and volcano skiing. The mountain range, closed on both sides from the Pacific and Okhotsk sea storms, is a perfect place for off-piste skiing. The ground relief is very varied with couloirs, open bowls and tree-skiing. The final run, directly to the thermal springs, is like having a wonderful dessert after a good dinner.