If we have a no-fly day due to bad weather then the following options are available:

Skiing in resort

A good chance of keeping yourself in good form and spending a couple of hours outdoors.
  • The Moroznava ski resort is only a forty-minute drive from the hotel. The vertical drop is 400m and skiing is on pisted areas through birch forests.
  • The Krasnaya Resort is within the limits of Petropavlovsk. The vertical drop is 300m and from the top of the hill there’s a magnificent view down to the city of Petropavlovsk and the Avachinskaya harbour.


You can choose from a 2 to 4 hour warm up on the mountains close to the hotel, or a full day tour which takes place at the foot of the Viluchinski volcano.


If you fancy a ski-doo trip, then this a great time to have a go. One day trips to the Avachinski, Kozelski and Vilyuchinski volcanoes are available. Each snowmobile takes two people who take it in turns to drive. The group is accompanied by a guide.

Sea kayaking (available after mid April)



River rafting (available after mid April)

A four hour rafting trip from the village of Severnye Koryaki to Ketkino down the Avacha River. All participants help in steering the 16 foot raft.

Excursions to the Pacific Coast

It’s a four hour round trip, but it’s also an opportunity to see the largest ocean on the planet, tread on the black volcanic sandy beaches and dip your toe in the salty waters of the Pacific ocean.

Dog sledding

A 15 kilometre ride through the birch forests at the foot of the Avachinski Volcano and a visit to the breeding kennels where over 60 huskies from Kamchatka and Alaska are kept.

Museums, fish market, gift shops

Petropavlovsk is a town full of culture. A trip to the city could include a visit to the Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of Volcanoes, the Museum of Kronotskiy Natural Park, and the Geology Museum. The fish market is well worth a visit and guests can also enjoy strolling around the gift shops.
Классика Камчатки

Классика Камчатки

Fire & Ice package

Камчатское Сафари

Камчатское Сафари

Wild East Discovery

Большие Вулканы Камчатки

Большие Вулканы Камчатки

Big Volcano package

Частная группа

Частная группа

Private package