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Unique Heli-Skiing Around The World

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Unique Heli-Skiing Around The World

In addition to running our own operation in Russia, Kamchatka Heliski is proud to team up with the worlds top heli-ski operators in Chile, Sweden and Greenland, bringing you the most unique helicopter skiing locations in the world.

All of these heli-ski operators share the Kamchatka Heliski philosophy in terms of a deep commitment to safety, a high standard of heli-ski guiding, and access to a vast amount of remote terrain.

  • SWEDEN - Ski the last remaining wilderness of Europe
    When people think of heli-skiing in Europe, they dont often think of Sweden. But the reality is Sweden has some of the best heli-runs on the continent and theyre still largely a secret.
    In 1994, Stefan Palm founded HeliskiGuides Sweden with his wife Pia. Stefans introduction to heli-skiing in the north of Sweden was in the spring of 1985 he spent the very last money he had, after a season ski bumming in Chamonix, on a heli-ski day with friends. He was hooked for life!
    To keep their flexibility, HeliskiGuides Sweden works with small groups of 1-8 clients. Maximum guide/client ratio is 1:4. HeliskiGuides Sweden guarantees that all of their heli-ski guides are UIAGM/IFMGA certified and have a passion for skiing.
    HeliskiGuides Sweden exists for the love of skiing and sharing this love of skiing with their clients!
  • POWDER SOUTH HELI-SKI GUIDES is South Americas premier helicopter ski operation, located in the heart of the Chilean Central Andes. After eight seasons of successful operation, we proudly continue to offer excellence in heli-skiing, deep in the enchanting and rugged Andes Mountain Range of southern South America.
    We have explored and skied in the Andes Mountains for over three decades, demonstrating our strong presence and long-time reputation in the ski and high-altitude mountaineering industry. We bring a unique combination of years of experience and innovation in mountaineering and ski mountaineering in the Andes Mountains to our heli-ski operation. We have pioneered a new level of heli-skiing in this beautiful mountainous region of South America. Our heli-ski packages offer thousands of vertical feet of untouched champagne powder in the most alluring and pristine terrain the Andes has to offer, from June to October, the Southern Hemisphere winter season.
    This is a visually stunning destination with hidden treasures for skiers and snowboarders who long for a true wilderness heli-ski experience. Greenland is a natural ice desert surrounded by hundreds of square kilometers of big mountains along a rugged coast, plunging into the sea. It is one of the few places in the world where you make long powder descents from an arctic mountainside and finish on a tidewater beach.
    Youll ski vertical descents of up to 1500 meters from summit to sea. The region has an infinite number of magical runs to thrill you, and packages feature unlimited skiing in small groups, for all skiers and snowboarders.
    Greenland means adventure skiing and snowboarding in a mythical place far beyond your wildest dreams, authentic and wild nature, incredible tidewater glaciers spilling into the ocean, whales, seal, caribou, long days and short nights, dancing Arctic lights a truly unique experience of skiing/snowboarding in arctic splendor.