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Wild East Discovery package

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Kamchatka Wild East Discovery exclusive ski adventure at the edge on the Earth

The highest volcanoes of Kamchatka - the most remote areas of the peninsula first descents - new encounters and impressions.
  • During this journey of discovery youll have the opportunity to:
  • Fly over the most active volcano in Kamchatka, nestled amongst the Kluchevskaya group of volcanoes.
  • Visit Cape Lopatka the southernmost point of the peninsula and from there fly across the Pacific to the Kuril Islands, first visited by heli-ski groups Spring 2009.
  • Ski/ride over 2000 vertical meters on the slopes of the unique island-volcano; Alaid.
  • Get up close to the King of Kamchatka; the brown bear, on the shores of the Kuril Lake.
  • Meet the reindeer herders, the indigenous people of Koryak North whose way of life has remained the same for many generations.

April 2010 - the pioneers of Kuril Islands heliski on top of vlc. Kambalny

Safety and group

Given the fact that during thetrip we will be in the most remote and inaccessible mountain areas, we set a higher standard of safety program.
  • we split in two subgroups of 6 skiers and 2 guides each
  • we have an additional satellite phone Iridium
  • we have an extra supply of food on board
  • we have an extra tank of fuel with us

Flight time calculation

Theflight time included intothepackage istheminimum time wewill need to run the base part of the discovery jorney. Given thefact that wemeet very good weather andsnow conditions, wemight beable touse upto15 hours.

Additional helicopter time

Once youhave spent thehours included in the package, its up to you if you like to continue. The additional time will be charged at the end of your stay. Additional flight time is 450euros per person per hour (based on a group of 12 persons).

Refunds unused time

10 hours included into the package are guaranteed. You will be refunded 400euros per person for eachhour unused due to bad weather conditions or helicopter technical problems.

Severo-Kurilsk- capital of Paramushir Island

Khodutka hot river