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Fire & Ice package

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8 days 8 hours of helicopter flight time group of 12 skiers

This tour is the classic of our heli-skiing tours in Russia. Powerful MI8 helicopters carry 12 passengers in one lift, and heli-skiers ski at a 1:4 guide to skier ratio ensuring a high level of safety and personal attention.

  • Youll be skiing in our classic area, an area of 15,000sq km encircling the base.
  • This tour introduces you to the classic of Kamchatka, taking you from the top of volcanoes to the Pacific coast, down the craters of active volcanoes and through snow filled fiords.
  • We run up to 3 groups per week. And each group will have a private helicopter for the entire week.

Flight time calculation

In contrast to most traditional heli-ski companies, who base their helicopter calculation on vertical meters, we prefer to base our helicopter use on actual flight time.

Doing this means we have more freedom to do what is most suitable to the snow and weather conditions on that day. On a good day we could do between 7000m to 10,000 vertical meters of runs, using around 2.5 hours of flying time. The flight time included in this package is the minimum time well need even in bad weather conditions. With good weather and snow conditions we may be able to use up to 50% more time.

Additional helicopter time

Once, the allocated hours in this package have been used, its up to you if you like to continue. The additional time will be charged at the end of your stay. Additional flight time is 450euros per personper hour (based on a group of 12 persons).

Refunds for unused time

This package includes 8 hours of flying time. You will be refunded 400euros per person for each hour unused due to bad weather conditions or helicoptertechnical problems.