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Big Volcano package

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Kamchatka Big Volcano experts only.

Our goal is toland onthe very top of thebiggest volcanoes, ski the steepest couloirs andride thelongest runsinsmall groupsof expert skiers only
Unique snow conditions in the spring make it possible for skiers to ride some of the most challenging and exciting lines impassable during the rest of the winter. These ideal snow conditions mean skiers can descend from the very top of the volcanoes down some of the longest and steepest slopes. The skiing, although incredible, is challenging and therefore this week is reserved for expert skiers only. Some of the areas in which well ski:
The North and Southfaces of the Koryakski volcano (3456m), the southern slopes ofZhupanovski volcano(2960m.), the active crater of Avachinsky volcano (2700m), eastcouloirs ofAag volcano (2310m), Opala volcano (2475m) and Viluchinskiy volcano (2175m.).

Major ski areas

Volcano Koryakski Zhupanovski Avachinski Opala Aag Vilichinski
Top landing 3456m 2960m 2700m 2475m 2310m 2175m
Vertical drop 2900m 2300m 2100m 2000m 1700m 2100m

Safety and group

Given the fact that most of these runs require a very high technical level of expertise for heli skiers and heli-pilots, we set very high safety standards.
  • Groups are maximum of 8 skiers and 4 guides
  • We have an additional Iridium satellite phone
  • We have an extensive set of climbing and rescue equipment on board the helicopter

Flight time calculation

The flight time included in this package is 8 hours. This is the minimum time well need to run the basic part of the discovery journey. If we meet very good weather and snow conditions it might be possible to use up to 10 hours.

Additional helicopter time

Once the allocated hours in this package have been used, its up to you`d if you like to continue. The additional time will be charged at the end of your stay. Additional flight time is 700euros per person per hour (based on a group of 8 persons).

Refunds for unused time

This package includes 8 hours of flying time. You will be refunded 600euros per person for eachhour unused due to bad weather conditions or helicopter technical problems.

vlc. Koryakski- 3456m.

vlc. Opala- 2475m.