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Kamchatka 2011 - remarkable heliski season


May 11th 2011 we have reached our 18th winter season in Kamchatka mountains. Briefly saing, it was one our best winter seasons.

The changable kamchatka weather was extreemly stable and allowed us to fly & ski 73% of the days. However, more stable weather did not make any effect on magic snow conditions of Kamchatka. 10th of May there were still more then 4 meters of snow on the foot of Viluchinski and Kozelski volcanos.
More then 400 runs with total denivilation of 370000 vertical meters been skied by 10 of our groups.
Each group made averagely 8 runs a day, 920 v.m. per run, 37000 v.m. per week and spent 10,5 hours of helitime.
Thank you Kamchatka. We will come back soon!!!

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