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Another good week in Kamchatka


This week we flew with 3 helicopters, 2 private groups and one team from the movie projekt "Ride The"

Due to unstable weather with a lot snow, we still could fly 4 out of 7 days.

So we flew in the small mountains near our hotel Antarius.

Followed by a big powder day on Viluchinski vulcano, only a view miles south from here.

The other days we skied  Aag,Avachinski and Kozelski vulcano, where we always could find some powder.

On down days we went skitouring near by, where we had "our" snow cave.

At the end with enough space for the whole group of thirteen. We spend some good time there, not only drinking tea....

One more good week with "only" 33000 meters vertical but happy guests.


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