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Safety briefing

Each guest will be given the required information concerning safety and the practical aspects of heliskiing. This will be followed by a comprehensive safety presentation and hands-on exercises to test the distributed safety equipment, including: ABS back pack use and avalanche victim search training.


Safety equipment

  • Guest Safety Equipment:
    • ABS backpack ( Avalanche Balloon System)
    • Pieps avalanche transceiver
    • Shovel & probe
  • Guide's Safety Equipment
    • Shovel
    • Probe
    • First Aid kit
    • Neck-brace
    • Iridium satellite phone
    • Radio for communicating with pilot and fellow guides
  • Safety equipment carried in the Helicopter
    • Additional First Aid kit
    • Evacuation equipment (vacuum mattress, immobilizing equipment, etc)
    • Additional rescue gear


We use MI8 helicopters for all our trips. The MI8 is the world’s most popular helicopter and has a reputation for being robust and extremely powerful. We charter these helicopters from the one of the largest Russian helicopter companies – Kamchatka Airlines. The helicopters are checked and maintained following precise protocols in order that they reach the required safety standards in compliance with international regulations.

Both pilots and the engineers are highly trained and qualified professionals with a wealth of mountain flying experience.