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Kamchatka Heliski & Heliboarding

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Kamchatka - simply unlimited, simply incredible

Kamchatka – a unique place on our planet. Imagine an off-piste ski area the size of Switzerland, glaciers perched on top of active volcanoes, beautiful bays and fiords nestled along the Pacific Ocean coast-line. Inland: Wooded valleys with grizzly bears, streams full of king salmon and areas of geysers and hot springs.

We discovered Kamchatka 25 years ago, and to this day, it is still the place of our dreams.


Why Kamchatka? Why us?

Kamchatka is the only place on earth where it is possible to ski on active volcanoes. But Kamchatka is no land of fire. Surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Okhotskoye Sea, Kamchatka is constantly being attacked by sea storms, making it one of the snowiest places on the planet.

Kamchatka has probably the largest heliski area on the planet. With a ski area 100km wide and over 450km long, the total area for heli skiing is over 45,000square kilometres, making it equivalent in size to Switzerland .

Kamchatka is not just an area in which to heli-ski. Kamchatka offers a ski adventure in one of the most amazing places on earth. A landscape dotted with active volcanoes, covered with giant slopes, natural spas and abundant wildlife, Kamchatka never fails to amaze you.

The pioneers of Kamchatka’s heli ski territory, Vertikalny Mir took their first heli ski group to Kamchatka 19 years ago. From that day on we have been the leaders in heli skiing in Kamchatka and with 19 years of heli skiing in this amazing territory, our knowledge and experience of the area is far greater than anybody else’s.

Vertikalny Mir has an international team of mountain guides. Each guide brings with them not only their extensive experience of worldwide heli-skiing but also their unique personality, sense of fun and charisma.

We run up to three helicopters on any week enabling us to maximize access to the immense ski areas of Kamchatka, whilst monitoring the snow and weather conditions in the different sectors.

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